Monday, May 2, 2011

And We're Moving...Again

Yes, it's true. As the last month has unfolded, it turns out that only one job offer was forthcoming and it requires a move...again. Of all the options for relocation, this one was the most appealing for many reasons. Where will we be going you ask?

Yep, to Music City. The advantages are many - we're still in the south so we don't have to learn a new region or culture. It's only 4 hours from Atlanta so traveling to see family and friends won't be that difficult. We should get lots of visitors because there's a lot to see in Nashville. And last but most definitely not least is that it's not that much colder there than it is in GA.

Hamp heads there tomorrow to begin the back and forth routine we're sadly accustomed to until we can get moved around the end of May or the first of June. And because I can, I'm heading south to the Sunshine State while it's still a reasonable drive to visit Tiffany for a couple of days.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of mixed emotions because I will no longer be in GA close to my Mom as she continues to deal with the life changes her health issues caused. But for now, there is peace because we know for sure that this is the door God opened for us. We don't know what area we'll be living in yet, where we'll find a church, or even who might be future friends. Unlike many people we know, however, we do have a job which will meet our needs and we are thankful. With all the unknowns swirling around in my head, it really is helpful to have the certainty that God has provided and has gone before us to prepare the way.

I need sleep for now, but I wanted to at least catch you up on this latest news. It was quite a tedious process and took a while for things to work out and actually be "official" so that's why I've been quiet recently. More will come soon - stay tuned.

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