Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas With Mickey

Hopefully this entry finds everyone recovering from gluttony and looking back over the Thanksgiving holiday with.....well, thanksgiving.  I know it's a hard time for a lot of people as memories are stirred because of empty seats at the table.  For others, like us, everything looked totally different than usual as we made adjustments to life as it is for now.  With rumblings of international unrest being heard even as I type this, there are always reasons to be thankful as long as we have breath and I'm hoping that's where you are this afternoon.

Speaking of afternoon, at the risk of alienating pretty much everyone we know, I probably shouldn't tell you that the cold front that dropped temperatures like a brick all across the nation lowered them here in the Sunshine State to the low 70's.  It's a gorgeous day outside - low humidity, mostly sunny skies, and a gentle breeze is blowing.  In a couple of hours, we're heading to Disney World for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party which is a must see extravaganza according to Tiffany.  There's a special ticket price and you're allowed in the park from 4:00 to midnight.  They limit the number of people so there's pretty much no waiting in line.  There's free hot chocolate and cookies set up all over the park, the parade and fireworks display are unique to these days, and it even "snows" on Main Street.  We're quite excited and it's the reason we're still here instead of sitting in traffic trying to drive north on I-75.  Hopefully we'll have lots of fun pictures to share once I'm back home and can get them downloaded.

We are jump starting the holiday madness as soon as we hit home tomorrow beginning with me flying to Baltimore on Wednesday for a few days.  I still help out with Gallery Church administratively just a little and it became necessary to gather everyone together for some cyber paperwork.  I'm not complaining, though, because I'm quite excited to see lots of people we've missed since moving back south.  I'll be dusting off the wool coat and scarf, however, because the highs are only supposed to be in the 40's.  Moving back south should be proof that I'm not quite as dumb as I appear sometimes.  :)

I hope re-entry back into the real world goes smoothly tomorrow for everyone and as we head into the official holiday season, my prayer is that we all remember that people are what really matter.  Yes, even those who cheer for UGA every Thanksgiving when they play Georgia Tech.  Sigh.....maybe before I'm too old to care, Tech will have a run that will cause the emotional upheaval we've had to endure for way too long.  One can always hope, right?

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Tiffany Jones said...

Hooray for spending time together! Can't wait to go to Disney with you!! Love you! :)