Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have found that when I stop to look for them, there are lots of things that come our way to make us smile. It's when I quit looking that life seems to get bleaker. I'm sure that's part of the reason Jesus reminded us to come as children because who better sees life's wonders?

It was a quiet weekend for the most part, but a couple of things got my attention and reminded me to be wonder-filled again.

First, we went to the Braves game on Saturday with some friends and strong storms were in the area. Fortunately, nothing hit us until right about the time we got to the car after a brisk walk/run. But it did create an opportunity for a cool rainbow appearance. I only had my phone to take a picture with, but if you look closely, you can still see it.

The game ended up going into extra innings and in the bottom of the 12th inning, the Braves won it with a walk-off homerun! Yay for exciting baseball games that we win!! The celebration at home plate was definitely something to smile about!

For those of you who are pet owners, I know you'll agree that they brighten our days often. Kit is very old - she'll be 15 in November and she's definitely slowing down. I know the dreaded "day" will come sooner rather than later, but for now she's still healthy and enjoying life. One of her favorite things to do is sleep on/near/beside her human of choice. If I'm around, it's me but Hamp serves as a great alternate. This was her keeping me company a couple of nights ago. How can you not smile at this??

This week's smiles will mostly be brought to me by what has been dubbed "Theme Park Therapy" by Tiffany and Nikki. I'm heading to Orlando for two days of Disney adventures, including the newly-opened Harry Potter world at Universal. They discovered last year that there's a brief window of time right after school starts everywhere when the parks are hardly crowded. I'm not working right now and they're only 7+ hours away, so......what's a girl to do? Stay tuned for pictures to come!

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