Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Is Braves Country

It's Sunday afternoon and I've been sick all weekend with a bad sore throat and no energy. Very sad....

But I just watched the Braves beat the Cubs 16-5 which prompted me to look for a video of a commercial I've seen titled, "This Is Braves Country".  Here is the link to it if you'd like to see it and get ready for the pennant race. :)

I know I've been slack recently in posting and I think it's time for some tweaking.  I first started this blog almost two years ago for friends to keep up with us as we moved to Baltimore.  As time has gone on, most of those friends don't really read anymore because they all visited at some point while we were there and now we see each other fairly often.  We do have a couple of Baltimore friends who check in occasionally, but the reality is we're just not a reality show type family.  While we've had our fair share of adventure in the last couple of years, we just don't have a lot of excitement, I suppose.  So if I keep going with the blog, it will be with a little different focus of which I'm not sure yet.  I'll keep you posted and you can let me know if it even matters to you.

For now, have a good beginning to your week and I'll be back soon for either a last post or a new direction. I'll leave you with a couple of fun pictures from our last few weeks.

This is Hamp, Ellis, and Caleb cooking some of the fish they caught when we went to visit last month.

This is Caleb, Ginger, and Lauren as we enjoyed yummy Pitango Gelato.

This is the ending song of the American Idol Concert that Ginger, Lauren, and I went to. It was actually a well done show and we had fun.

Last, but not least, here's a picture of my kids in 1991 when I let them skip school to go to the Braves parade to celebrate their worst to first season. We almost got trampled and couldn't see anything because of the crowds, but there was confetti and community spirit and hopefully we'll get to experience something like that again in a few weeks.


Janet said...

I think you should at least keep it going until the Braves win the World Series in October!

Glenda said...

Always love reading your blog...I'm with least keep it going until October!

Hugs, Glenda

P.S. Get well SOON!